Periodontal Surgery

Implant Placement

Dental implants are a wonderful option to replace missing or un-restorable teeth. Because they look and feel much like natural teeth, dental implants are usually the ideal solution for tooth replacement.

Some people who need a dental implant have just one missing tooth, while others have multiple or all of their teeth missing. Regardless of the situation, dental implants are often life changing. They allow one to smile and speak with confidence. They feel natural, and in many cases, as though they are a person’s real teeth. Dental implants restore a person’s ability to chew well, and for those who have previously worn a denture, an improved sense of taste is also appreciated.

Periodontists are specialists in dentistry who have extensive experience and training in all areas of dental implant surgery. For each person, dental implant care begins with a thorough discussion, exam and necessary imaging.